Digital Economies Lab

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2 Daly Ave

Ottawa, ON K1N 6E2

If you have questions get in touch with us!

Kseniya Tsoy, DEL Project Coordinator

Tel: 613-686-1941


Artengine is generously supported by the City of Ottawa, the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts.

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Artengine is excited to partner
with HOLO Magazine on the communications for the DEL. 
HOLO brings you the most interesting trajectories in art, science and technology both online and in beautiful print.
The DEL is made possible through the generous support of
the Digital Strategy Fund at
the Canada Council for the Arts.

About Artengine

Artengine aims to deepen the practices of artists, designers and critics around emerging technologies for creative production, and to reflect on specific urgencies in society and the arts.

Questions of technological change and cultural change have become entangled, almost inextricably, and this brings as many challenges as it does opportunities.

The complex space of these challenges and opportunities is where Artengine thrives.

Our activities take place across three complementary, mutually reinforcing platforms:

Thought Leadership

Artengine drives conversation about emergent practices in art and technology. We connect and spread ideas through symposia, publications, workshops and open studios.  By engaging in local, national, and international dialogue about groundbreaking fields and their social impact, we connect Ottawa to the larger creative world.

Critical Creation

Artengine serves as a nexus for creative experimentation with technology, art, and society. Our creative workshop space serves as the physical space for creative thinking and critical making. Artists use our workshop to collaborate and combine vastly different disciplines such as architecture, biology, fashion, art, design, media technology, engineering, sociology, gaming, and robotics in new and exciting ways. The lab is activated through commissions, artist-in-residence programs and self-directed projects.

Public Presentation


Artengine's public programs range from exhibitions to festivals. These events showcase the most exciting developments in the field of art and technology, and present research, creation, and emerging practices.

Learn more about our work and our past programming at

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